Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Annoying Music From TV Adverts Part 2

Following on from "Annoying Music From TV Adverts Part 1", this piece of "music" has been polluting my ears for about two years now. One can only imagine the amount of money that Lloyds TSB have spent on this advertising campaign. I for one do not bank with this company, but if I did, I would have transferred my meager savings elsewhere by now, quite simply because of the aural assault on my ears on a regular basis. "Why not just turn it off?" - I hear you cry? This does not work, even if I hear one note of this, it is as bad as hearing the full tune and the damage is already done. It hasn't gone unnoticed that there are many variations of this tune popping up now and again.

A Soviet-born Austrian named Elena Kats-Chernin is responsible and the track is called`Eliza's Aria' from a ballet named `Wild Swans', so you know what section of HMV you need to take your sledgehammer to on your next visit.

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