Sunday, 28 June 2009

Hazem Shaheen - Things That I Miss (Hagaat Wahshany)

Hazem Shaheen is an Egyptian Oud teacher and player as well as being a member of both the Eskenderella and Masar groups. `Things That I Miss (Hagaat Wahshany)' is his first solo outing on disc. This set concentrates on some satisfying solo pieces by Hazem, but the tracks that really stand out are on the two tracks in which he is joined by piano, double bass and percussion - `Problem' and `Things That I Miss'.

Albums like this don't really offer the listener anything particularly exciting or new, but are still well worth a listen. This album doesn't seem to be readily available outside Egypt at the moment, but until it such time you can listen to clips here

Here is an audio clip of Hazeem, albeit not a track from the reviewed album.

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