Friday, 19 June 2009

Rubik - Carrion EP - Domestic 12"

The thing I hate about records like this, is that you would have to be on some kind of drugs to be able to describe them in any real detail. Or worse, a Wire magazine reviewer. To these ears the first track on this EP from Rubik - `Carrion' is an excellent danceable crunchy techno-paced tune with dark overtones with some scary samples that progresses into an "Amen Break". `Substance' is a nice plucky acoustic guitar piece that goes straight into `The Shadow' - a full assault on the ears. Some might describe it as a "bag of noise". I won't. Tech-metal? Whatever, Rubik sounds like he knows what he's doing. Something for everyone, I would say.

Domestic is a London-based label who up until now have only released digitally, the `Carrion EP' is Domestic's first "physical" release. The good thing about this label is that it doesn't stick to one style. which is a good thing for us, but a nightmare for records shops. What section do they put it in? Good thing there aren't many record shops left or we would have mass panic on our hands.

For sound samples and purchases, I would visit here. I would also direct you towards `Venus' by Donald Yule, a superb solo piano piece.

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