Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Bushman - Most Wanted

Continuing a series that started in 2007, `Most Wanted' is a worthwhile mid-price compilation from Greensleeves Records, with not so much of a best of more like a "reflection" of the output of Bushman, who is what I would call a mid-table artist, never really having a big hit but quietly plodding along with some good and occasionally above average tunes. That is not really a criticism as such, just pretty much the "norm" in reggae music right now.

This collection culls tracks from the three of Bushman's albums for Greensleeves' namely `Nyah Man Chant',`Total Commitment' and `Higher Ground'. Also with tracks taken from VP's Records `Signs' album and some extras thrown in for good measure such as `Step Pon Culture' on the `Bingie Trod' rhythm,`Mek Wi Try', a combination tune featuring Morgan Heritage and a live version of `Cannabis'.

Boasting an all star cast of producers such as Steely and Cleavie and King Jammys, you can't go far wrong.

A nice mixture of roots and borderline-dancehall, and of course there are tracks on here that I could live without and some I would have liked to have seen included, but isn't that the very nature of this type of compilation?

Well worth a dabble for a newcomer. Like this? Try the album `Total Commitment'.

Here are two of the tracks featured on `Most Wanted'. Audio only.