Friday, 12 June 2009

Pop Classics Part 3 - Propaganda

Sometimes I might ask somebody if they remember Propaganda, the answer is usually in the negative, this is a mystery to me. The German group Propaganda recorded two bonafide classics in 1984/85 in the shape of `Dr Mabuse' and `Duel', both produced by Trevor Horn. `Dr Mabuse' was more harsh and germadic that its follow-up `Duel' which was more of what you would call a standard but very effective pop song (ie very catchy). Overshadowed perhaps by ZTT (Zang Tuum Tumb) label-mates - the overrated Frankie Goes To Hollywood and the gimmicky Art Of Noise. Propaganda kept recording and releasing music right up the early 1990s but nothing could ever top these two gems.

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