Sunday, 7 June 2009

King General - Broke Again

Re-working or versioning of old rhythms tracks is nothing new in reggae music, in fact it's been an epidemic over the years with some producers being too lazy or uninspired to create new works. However, those critisms are not applicable in this case, because what makes this special is the inspired choice of rhythm. Originally an obscure 80s tune called `Sunny Gets Blue' (Curiously a Johnny Mathis track disguised as a "sound system burial" tune) by Naturally on a U.S 12". Lyrically `Broke Again' is spot on and topical, commenting on the credit crunch consuming the globe at present and with one hell of a catchy chorus. The production from London's highly respected Conscious Sounds crew is great, with two further dub versions of the same rhythm.

King General cut some fine tunes in the mid 90's then seemingly vanished. It's good to see him back again and with an album in the pipeline. Here is clip of `Got To Be Conscious' which will be featured on the forthcoming album.

This 12" single is topped with an additional 5 cuts of two other tunes from Idren Reality and The Dubateers on the B-side making this a very worthwhile purchase.

Here is a youtube clip of `Broke Again', then below is footage of the recording of `Got To Be Conscious', a track that will be featured on the forthcoming album.

`Broke Again' is now avaiable from the usual outlets.

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