Thursday, 2 July 2009

Roots Garden Showcase Part 1 & 2

This is how contemporary roots reggae should sound. And it's made in the UK, fancy that. Brighton-based Roots Garden label have been behind some of the more interesting reggae 45's over the past two years or so. With Nick Manasseh in the production chair, that's no real surprise.

All the tracks here are great, but from `Volume 1', I lean towards Bob Skeng `The Lion' with its wicked vocal and simple but effective horns riff and Dark Angel - `Free Da Minds' with its hard 80's style digital rhythm and from `Volume 2' - Freddie McGregor's `Rally', a re-cut of his Studio One classic `Rastaman Camp' and Earl Sixteen with `Gold Dust', coming like an 1980's Channel One production.

`Roots Garden Showcase Parts 1' and `2' - with 4 vocal tracks and four dub cuts on each 12" slate have been out for a while but should still quite easy to pick up. They can also be bought digitally from here or here along with other productions from the same stable. Check the same source for sound clips too.

Here are some audio clips from Part 1.

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  1. These 2 EPs contain the best reggae made in the UK in the last few years. Way ahead of the typical cliched UK roots and dub, full marks to Manasseh for these.