Sunday, 19 July 2009

Screaming Trees / Success

Screaming Trees (not to be confused with the US rockers of the same name) were a great duo from Sheffield originally consisting of Sean Maloney and Mark Swancott, They emerged in the late 80's. An inventive experimental pop dance band with a couple of great singles `Iron Guru' and `Asylum', using some clever samples. I discovered them by chance as a lot of promo copies of their singles ended up in bargain basements of Music and Video Exchange shops in London. I suspect their record label Native had high hopes for them.

The debut album `Fracture In Time' (1987) - interestingly featuring Richard Hawley on guitar on one track, was followed up with `Tangiers' (1989) a minor hit that made the top ten of the indie charts in 1988. A year later the second album `World Crash' was released. This saw the band change their name to Success which was ironic in the extreme as that was something they never had a sniff at. One more single `Trip Wire', produced by Richard H Kirk, was released and that was that.

Their releases are well worth picking up if you should be lucky enough to find any of them, especially the singles.

Here is a clip of the `Tangiers' video from the ITV's The Chart Show in 1988.

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