Sunday, 30 August 2009

Eleni Karaindrou - The Weeping Meadow

Eleni Karaindrou is a Greek composer who has scored many films by her countryman and filmmaker Theo Angelopoulos. I recently encountered her work and was quite intrigued by it, as I have, in recent years become very fond of music of with a cinematic slant by artists such as Rodrigo Leao, Yann Tiersen and Michael Nyman.

I haven't seen the film `The Weeping Meadow' - or indeed any film by Angelopoulos, but judging by this soundtrack I can't imagine it would be a barrel of laughs.

This soundtrack from 2004 consists of pretty much one theme and a few variations, with the instrumentation predominantly consisting of a string orchestra, accordion, double bass, harp and piano. The result is that of a mournful nature, but there are a few moments where the sound elevates into something more joyous.

This is very effecting music and and I am already investigating further recordings by this artist.

Here is an excerpt.

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