Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Masar Group - El 'Aysh Wel Melh

Released in 2006, this is a very enjoyable album of what you could loosely call "Oriental Jazz", although it's really more oriental than jazz, it has to be said. For me, just the right balance and it hits the right spot.

Masar Group are four very talented musicians, three of which are Egyptians - Hazem Shaheen, Nawar Abbessi and Hani Bdei playing oud, piano and percussion respectively. They are joined by the very able Miles Jay, an American gentleman on contrabass, a type of double bass apparently.

The musicianship on this set is excellent, especially when the piano takes the lead on the tracks `Remal' and `Eh el Ibara'. The latter I am sure I have heard before somewhere, but I may be wrong.

For sound clips and to purchase click here.

Be sure to check out Hazam Shaheen's solo album `Things That I Miss', previously reviewed on this blog.

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