Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Orquestra Arab De Barcelona - Maktub

`Maktub' by Orquestra Arab De Barcelona has been out for a few months, but I have just stumbled this album and and I'm glad that I did, for it is very enjoyable and well worth a punt.

As made quite clear by the name of the band, they are indeed an arab music-orientated band based in Barcelona, with musicians made up of players from Morocco, Catalonia and Greece with a rich mixture of violin, oud and piano dominating the sound. Stand out tracks for me are `El Viaje De La Verdad', `Sufi'. `Gloria A TI' and `Mi Tierra'. For sound clips check here.

The sound is never boring, fusing mainly arab musical and vocal influences with a mizture subtle Catalan and Spanish styles, as well as jazz flavours, but on the whole sticking to the roots

Here are two clips of the band in action live.

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