Sunday, 23 August 2009

Pop Classics Part 7 - Vicious Pink - Cccan't You See

If my memory serves me right, I picked up this at Kilburn market at the time of its release in 1984, on the strength that for some reason I thought it looked "interesting". I took it home, loved it and then played it to death. I awaited its arrival in the top 40 and an imminent Vicious Pink performance on Top Of The Pops. Later research told me that the record reached #67 in the charts. A year later it was re-released, remixed and then reached #97. This was their biggest hit. It took me twenty two years to discover another person who actually heard of the song or the group.

I bought two other singles by the band `Je T'aime' (released a year before `Cccan't You See' when the band were known as Vicious Pink Phenomenon) and `Fetish' (released a year after their "big hit"). Both of them were crap.

A nice slice of tech-disco pop that has weathered fairly well over the years. Not really a "classic" as such but it still gives me a warm glow. So for that reason alone, it qualifies as such.

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