Saturday, 8 August 2009

Pop Classics Part 6 - Soft Cell - Say Hello, Wave Goodbye

Another trip down memory lane into the 1980's for some of you folk, but not for me. I only really fell for this song a year or so ago when I heard it by accident coming out of an ex-work colleague's PC speakers.

I have absolutely no interest in Marc Almond or Soft Cell and would pay hard cash never to hear their version of `Tainted Love' ever again, but this track`Say `Hello, Wave Goodbye' from 1982 is genius.

Great song, shame about the video.


  1. Judging by his autobiography, marc doesn't want to hear their version of "tainted love" ever again either, Liam!

    This is a great tune which has stood the test of time for sure.

  2. Yes John, a killer for sure. It could do with a reggae cover, I reckon.