Sunday, 27 September 2009

Josh Rouse - Quiet Town

This is such a great song by the American singer/songwriter Josh Rouse. I first heard it on the Robert Elms show on BBC Radio London when it was released in 2006. Then recently I heard it by chance and remembered how much I loved it, but more now because of the sentiment of the song. Because after living in London all of my life, the time has almost arrived for me to leave the city of my birthplace and move a mere 33 miles away to a quiet town. At least, certainly a quieter town.

"This is the life, I want to live in a quite town"


  1. It sounds a bit too much like the Smiths for my liking but good luck with your move and new location.

  2. Thanks mister.

    Can't really hear any Smiths in that track myself.

    What no update today? (shock!)

  3. It's all in the melodies guvnor!

    Inspiration didn't come yesterday and therefore decided that quality was better than quantity. It's very hard to keep such a punishing daily schedule so maybe I will miss a few other odd days. But it's good to know that my diehard fans missed me ;-)