Friday, 15 May 2009

Trebunie-Tutki & Twinkle Brothers - Songs Of Glory

To call this a curious release is an understatement to say the least. Trebunie-Tutki are a Polish folk band from Bialy Dunajec, a village at the foot of Tatra Mountains, led by Krzysztof Trebunia, while the Twinkle Brothers, led by Norman Grant, are a reggae group originally from Jamaica but have based in the UK for a considerable time. So, what we have here is essentially Polish folk meets roots reggae. Now, really this isn't a fusion that would normally set pulses racing, but you would be wrong. The two bands first got together while the Twinkle Brothers were touring Poland in the late 1980's/early 1990's and they ended up recording a heap of material together. Only one album - "Higher Heights" got a UK release, which was well received from many quarters.

"Songs Of Glory" reunites the two parties to continue where they left off. For the most part it's solid reggae rhythms throughout, with swirling violins with confident vocals from Norman Grant and Krzysztof Trebunia and the gang, with the vocals alternating between English and Polish. It makes for an uplifting experience. I truly don't believe that it is possible to hear the opening track "I Built My House" without a smile on your face.

I don't know what the availability of this CD is outside Poland, but seek and I am sure you shall find, because you will be rewarded with a lavishly packaged CD complete with a 40 page booklet with information in both languages. Below is a taster from the album.

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