Thursday, 28 May 2009

Pop Classics Part 2 - Black - Wonderful Life

A track that I have never grown tired of, despite it being overused on TV shows and adverts over the years is the gorgeous `Wonderful Life' by the English group Black, a simple but very effective, emotive and uplifting song, that pushes all the right buttons.

`Wonderful Life' had been originally released and had flopped in 1985, only to be re-recorded and re-released two years later with greater success, hitting the UK top ten in 1987.

Like The Korgis featured in my first "Pop Classics Part 1", Black are best remembered for one tune and one tune alone, despite numerous releases over the years.

Below is a clip of the video of `Wonderful Life' followed by a cover version by the Doom Metal Hungarian group Nevergreen. Enjoy!

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