Friday, 30 October 2009

Bad Lieutenant - Never Cry Another Tear & Live At Heaven 21/10/09

For those at the back of the class Bad Lieutenant are New Order's Bernard Sumner and Phil Cunningham's new project along with Jake Evans. Bad Lieutenant's sound, with a casual listen does come across like latter day New Order, but closer examination reveals there is a lot more going on. Judge for yourself.

On the album "Never Cry Another Tear" they are joined by Blur's Alex James and New Order/Joy Division drummer Stephen Morris, who both appear strictly as guests only. However, Morris has been playing live shows with the group. But more about that shortly.

I have discussed Bad Lieutenant here before and I was quite dismissive about them, to say the least. However, time is a healer, or something, the single "Sink Or Swim" is real grower, and the vast majority of the album is well listenable and as good as any of New Orders 1990s and beyond output.

The key tracks for me are "Twist Of Fate", "Summer Days", "This Is Home". "Shine Like The Sun", "Runaway" and the title track. Vocal duties are shared by Sumner and Evans. The latter has a slight Noel Gallagher sound about his voice, not such a bad thing, if given the choice between Noel and his ghastly brother Liam.

The live show at the famous London gay club Heaven was a triumph, with the core trio joined by Stephen Morris on drums and an unnamed gentleman on bass, yet despite playing tracks by New Order - "Crystal", "Temptation" and acoustic version of one of the best dance tracks songs ever committed to vinyl - "Bizarre Love Triangle", Joy Division's "Transmission", "Love Will Tear Us Apart" - all great but I have heard them hundreds of times before - along with a Electronic track and a Bernard Sumner guested Chemical Brothers track - I was left wanted to hear more Bad Lieutenant material, which for me spoke volumes.

Some pics I took at the show below, and then some audio clips.

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